What’s the UK-Rwanda deal and can it work?

Two weeks in the past, UK prime minister Boris Johnson introduced a plan to ship tens of 1000’s of asylum seekers on a one-way ticket from Britain to Rwanda.

That identical day, within the Rwandan capital of Kigali, UK residence secretary Priti Patel signed the controversial UK-Rwanda settlement with the nation’s overseas minister.

The UK authorities says the brand new plan will deter individuals from making the dangerous journey throughout the English Channel and clamp down on human-trafficking.

But human rights organisations, church leaders and MPs throughout the political spectrum say the plan is merciless, unworkable and can solely result in extra human struggling and chaos.

Irish Times London editor Denis Staunton joins as we speak’s In The News podcast to clarify the small print of UK-Rwanda deal, what it means for migrants arriving into Britain by way of unauthorised routes and why the conservative social gathering have determined to push this challenge now.

“A lot of the people who vote conservative and who voted for Brexit wanted immigration to be controlled and this (boats crossing the English channel) is a very visible expression of the fact that immigration is not being controlled,” stated Staunton. “You’ve got local elections coming up in Britain on the 5th of May and so the government wanted to be seen to be taking real action against this.”

Despite assertions by Patel that Rwanda is “one of the world’s safest countries”, the nation is run by an authoritarian ruler, Irish Times Africa correspondent Sally Hayden instructed the podcast.

“There isn’t a free civil society in Rwanda, there isn’t opposition, at least that don’t get harassed, there isn’t a free media, and there are human rights abuses. So for Paul Kagame, it’s a way of white-washing or avoiding scrutiny of other things happening in the country.”

Today on In the News, what’s the UK-Rwanda deal and what is going to it imply for asylum seekers who attain Britain.

In the News is offered by reporters Sorcha Pollak and Conor Pope

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