Van Hollen Lauds Biden’s Govt Action On Ghost Weapons, Decreasing Gun Violence

van hollen

WASHINGTON — On April 11, 2022, U.S. Senator Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.) applauded government actions that President Biden introduced this afternoon to handle the epidemic of gun violence our nation is dealing with, together with safeguards on the manufacturing and sale of unserialized firearm parts – also called “ghost guns” – that he pushed the administration to finalize earlier this yr.

“In Maryland, we’ve seen the toll these untraceable weapons have taken on our communities – and that’s why our General Assembly stood up to the NRA and took action to ban ghost guns from our state. But Maryland is not an island, and many guns being used in crimes are coming from out of state. That’s why I was proud to see President Biden take meaningful action today to close ghost gun loopholes, modernize background check rules, and nominate a highly qualified and respected leader to head the ATF. These are important steps, but our work to reduce senseless gun violence is far from over. Even if Republicans don’t have the courage to support these common-sense reforms, I’ll keep fighting for meaningful action to reduce gun violence.”

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