Uwe Boll Plans Return to Filmmaking with ‘Ness’ (Unique) – The Hollywood Reporter

Notorious German director Uwe Boll (Postal, Rampage) is poised to make his return to worldwide filmmaking with a $25 million film on crime fighter Eliot Ness, the particular agent who famously took down Al Capone, a narrative instructed in Brian de Palma’s The Untouchables (1987).

Boll’s movie, Ness, will decide up the story later in Eliot Ness’ profession, as he tries to catch a serial killer referred to as “The Butcher of Kingsbury Run,” liable for a lot of grisly murders in Cleveland’s Kingsbury Run shantytown. Whitney Scott Bain wrote the screenplay, basing the story on the true-life case. Boll plans to direct and produce by means of his Event Film shingle, with Michael Roesch govt producing. Boll stated he’s presently casting the movie and plans to start principal pictures in 2023.

Boll, who critics have lambasted as “Germany’s answer to Ed Wood,” made his final U.S. movie in 2016, the sequel Rampage: President Down. In the interim, he opened Bauhaus, a high-end German restaurant in Vancouver. The restaurant received nice opinions, in contrast to lots of Boll’s movies (in 2009, the Razzies gave Boll a uncommon worst profession achievement award), however Boll has since shut it down. Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Boll stated he wasn’t frightened in regards to the crucial response to his return to filmmaking.

“People who say they hate my movies have mostly seen one, maybe two films, maybe [flops] Far Cry or Alone in the Dark,” Boll famous. “They don’t mention my more political films [like] Rampage, Assault on Wall Street or Attack on Darfur… Netflix has something like 15-20 of my films. [I’m] a real filmmaker, I’ve made 34 movies, many with big stars, that can no longer be denied.”

Last 12 months, Boll made the German-language Hanau, a few real-life mass taking pictures, however stated the expertise “made me remember why I stopped making movies in Germany.” He is, nonetheless, engaged on a documentary collection on the infamous Banditos bike gang that’s on the heart of a serious legal court docket case in Germany.

In the previous, Boll’s harshest critics have been online game followers, who had been enraged by his unfastened diversifications of widespread video video games, together with  House of the Dead, Alone within the Dark, BloodRayne and Postal. In response, Boll challenged his critics to face him within the boxing ring, which 5 of them did. In 2006, in an occasion dubbed “Raging Boll,” the director fought, and beat, all 5 critics.

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