Top Entertainment Execs Talk Purpose in THR Series ‘Show/Business’ – The Hollywood Reporter

How viewers discover, engage with and enjoy films, television and games has been completely disrupted in the last 20 months. What hasn’t changed is the need to meet audiences where they are while creating — and maintaining — entertainment brands that understand the difference between a passing fad and a seismic shift.

Consistency in the face of disruption is crucial, but how do entertainment leaders stay true to their vision in the face of viral trends? How do you balance staying ahead of the game while giving customers more of what they love?

In the final episode of Show/Business, a new Hollywood Reporter original series created in paid partnership with Amazon Ads, leading entertainment marketing executives sit down for a raw and honest conversation about purpose in their respective pockets of the industry. Speakers include Showtime Networks executive vp marketing and strategy, Puja Vohra; Amazon Ads head of entertainment and communications, Alexys Coronel; Neon’s CMO, Christian Parkes; Bleecker Street’s president of marketing, media and research, Tyler DiNapoli; and Riot Games’ president of publishing, Ryan Crosby.

Watch the final episode of Show/Business above.

This series was created in paid partnership with Amazon Ads.

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