The Heat: COP26 closing | CGTN America

It’s not exactly something new. Going overtime has become routine at United Nations Climate Change conferences.

The nearly 200 countries still couldn’t reach a consensus on the agreement and talks are ongoing.

Earlier, hundreds of delegates staged a walkout over lack of action.

CGTN’s Nawied Jabarkhyl has more from Glasgow.

To discuss:

  • Dr. George Carter is a Research Fellow and Director of the Pacific Institute at the Australian National University.
  • Halldór Jóhannsson is the Executive Director of the Arctic Portal.
  • Xu Qinhua is a Professor of International Political Economy at Renmin University of China.

Climate change is also causing economic issues. Earlier, Anand Naidoo spoke with 2018 Nobel Prize winner Paul Romer about this and started by asking him what would be the effects of extreme weather on the global economy.

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