Sydney publican Chris Nasser denies AVO claim from wife Hollie

Chris Nasser has spoken out following the messy unravelling of his marriage to Hollie Nasser, who left him to be with his business partner.

Millionaire publican Chris Nasser has broken his silence for the first time since being issued an apprehended domestic violence order concerning his estranged wife.

Police, acting on behalf of Hollie Nasser, took out the AVO in local court last month, however Mr Nasser has vehemently rejected all claims of wrongdoing.

He revealed on Friday that he planned to fight the allegations when the case goes to court on December 15.

Mr Nasser said he had been deeply hurt by the events that had unravelled.

“I categorically deny the allegations. They are totally baseless.

“It is disappointing.”

Conditions of the AVO stipulate that Mr Nasser should not “assault, threaten, stalk or intimidate Ms Nasser.

Mr Nasser’s former business partner Charlie Aitken last week confirmed his split from his wife of 19 years, Ellie Aitken, and announced he was now dating Ms Nasser, Ms Aitken’s former best friend.

“I can confirm I am separated from Ellie Aitken and am in a relationship with Hollie Nasser,” Mr Aitken said, The Daily Telegraph reported.

“My sole focus is my children and I’ll make no further comment.”

Prior to November, the Aitken and Nasser couples were seemingly close, with Mr Nasser a founding investor at Mr Aitken’s fund management company, where he also held a director position.

The couples made regular appearances together on social media, and for an extended period socialised together at various events across Sydney.

Mr Nasser previously revealed he had been deeply impacted by his wife’s relationship with Mr Aitken.

“It is a private matter and I do not wish to go into any detail about it,” he said.

Sources told the Telegraph late last month the Nasser relationship broke down on or around November 12, with Ms Nasser resigning as director of Mr Aitken’s company board the following day.

The Aitken marriage had reportedly been over for a few months beforehand, with Ms Aitken maintaining an executive position at her husband’s company until the November 13-14 weekend.

She had however reportedly moved to work for a rival firm in September.

Two weeks ago Mr Aitken abruptly informed his investors he would be “taking a short leave of absence to attend to a personal matter”.

The rapid breakdown in friendship between the two couples was apparent in that Ms Aitken in October posted a sweet birthday tribute to Ms Nasser, writing that she was “so lucky to have you in my life”.

“Here’s to sharing many more good times together in the years to come,” she captioned a social media post.

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