Step Inaspect Ken Fulk’s Cinematic Universe

The Crown Club.

Photo: Douglas Friedman

Action Flicks knocks out tasks for air (a non-public jet with hand-tufted carpet) and sea (a customized yacht), whereas Period Dramas returns to terra firma—particularly, 18th-century Provincetown, the place Fulk and his husband reworked a constructing first constructed by whalers right into a restrained, if not overly reverent, area for the Provincetown Arts Society. “It’s really become a sort of connective tissue for all the arts organizations,” he says. “The community of folks here have really inhabited it. It’s heartwarming to see it filled with life and art.”

Both fill the Epic Romances part. There, readers will uncover an array of areas: a pair’s more-is-more, jewel-toned Texas love nest; the romantic-fantastic interiors of the Felix Coffee Co. cafés in New York and Aspen, which froth up Aesthetic Movement references and arabica flower wallpaper; and a better love of pink and purple, which elevate San Francisco’s 1913 neo-Romanesque Saint Joseph’s church into an impressed society for artwork and artists.

For all of the popcorn thrills of Fulk’s daring casting of coloration and historic references, although, the e-book convincingly argues he’s achieved auteur standing. His Mill House close to Silicon Valley makes use of the partitions of an historic Tudor manse as a silver display. “I wanted it to feel opinionated, alive,” he says. In place of klieg lights, a Stuart Haygarth chandelier catches the attention. “It’s made of carnival horses that have been cast and mounted, and it must weigh thousands of pounds. It was a real feat to get it up there.” Elsewhere, a nook turns into impossibly huge due to an eye-popping wallcovering not in contrast to the anaglyphic pink/blue of 3D glasses. “It’s such a fun move. It’s bold, but the family uses every inch of it,” he says.

The Mill.

Photo: Douglas Friedman

Every film proves that one other world is feasible. The level is to make it occur. “Of course, you may screw up sometimes, but it’s thrilling to go on the journey,” he says. “It’s what keeps me up at night: great joy. It’s the key to an exciting life.” And even, should you’re fortunate, a Hollywood ending.

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