Sleep apnoea symptoms in post-menopausal women linked to low oestrogen

Reduced levels of oestrogen and progesterone seem to be what makes post-menopausal women more likely to have symptoms of sleep apnoea, including snoring, irregular breathing or gasping at night


22 June 2022

A woman sleeping

Women can become more likely to snore as they get older

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Post-menopausal women who have lower levels of oestrogens and progesterone are more likely to snore, breathe irregularly and gasp while sleeping, which are all symptoms of sleep apnoea.

The involvement of these chemicals means targeted hormone therapy might prove useful for these women and their partners, says Kai Triebner at the University of Bergen in Norway.

“Women live, on average, longer than men, but during later years, the quality of women’s life is comparatively low, which is inherently associated …

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