Secret Invasion will discover some of the mysterious intervals of the MCU

Secret Invasion is definitely some of the thrilling Marvel TV reveals set to hit Disney Plus within the coming months. We don’t have a launch date for it, however we did get some details about the present previously few months as Marvel has been capturing the MCU sequence. The newest revelation is essentially the most thrilling one but. It seems that Secret Invasion will lastly begin exploring some of the mysterious phases of the MCU timeline. Mind you, some spoilers comply with beneath.

What is Secret Invasion within the MCU?

The plot of the TV present isn’t a spoiler, which is why Secret Invasion is so thrilling to start with. Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) and Talos (Ben Mendelsohn) will probably be working collectively once more.

We final noticed them accomplice up in Spider-Man: Far From Home, the place the latter impersonated the previous. Fury was on an area station orbiting the planet whereas Talos pretended to be him in what’s one of many unresolved Far From Home unfastened ends.

The cause why they’re banding collectively in Secret Invasion is to stop a Skrull invasion of the planet. The Skrulls have been infiltrating the planet for years due to their shapeshifting powers, however a full-scale invasion could possibly be catastrophic.

This is why Secret Invasion is such an thrilling MCU story. By the top of the TV present, we would uncover that a few of the Avengers aren’t who we thought they have been. That they is perhaps Skrulls sleeper brokers who’ve infiltrated the Avengers.

Put otherwise, Secret Invasion provides one other vital plot improvement to the overarching MCU storyline that is perhaps as necessary because the multiverse theme that’s been dominant to this point in Phase 4.

The timeline revelation

Since Fury was blipped in Infinity War, Secret Invasion has to happen after Endgame on the MCU timeline. But Marvel’s Kevin Feige simply confirmed that Secret Invasion will lastly discover some of the mysterious intervals in MCU historical past. The blip years between Infinity War and Endgame.

We’ve had 5 motion pictures and 6 TV reveals in Phase 4 to this point, but none of them discover the 5 years. The universe confronted an extinction-level occasion that wiped half of all residing beings. But one in every of that’s explored in Phase 4 to this point. The finest look we bought of the blip was in Endgame, however that was hardly sufficient.

Those should have been 5 tumultuous years. Just consider what Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner) was doing throughout that point. And it’s not simply Earth that should have had a tough time adapting. Let’s not overlook that Thanos (Josh Brolin) killed half of the universe’s inhabitants indiscriminately, which suggests half of the Skrulls died as properly.

Feige didn’t reveal extra particulars, so we do not know how a lot of the motion occurs through the blip and the way a lot of it takes place after Endgame.

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