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Like many battling isolation and loneliness through the pandemic, actor Wesley Ryan determined to get a pet. As a brand new cat proprietor, Ryan was prepared for surprises, however shortly after bringing dwelling a bengal cat he named Odie, Ryan was in for a wild journey!

First, Odie might appear like a cat, however he has the temperament and power of a giant canine. Odie loves the outside, which may be elusive in New York City, so Ryan routinely walks him on a leash or carries Odie in a clear backpack.

Secondly, Odie doesn’t perceive the idea of private house, or if he does, definitely doesn’t abide by it. While cats are normally identified for his or her independence, Odie continuously calls for bodily consideration, even obsessively leaping on Ryan whereas he tries to audition!

Not to fret, Ryan is for certain he’s discovered his soulmate in Odie, plus he obtained a minimum of one good take!

For extra of Wesley Ryan and Odie’s antics, try Twitter and Instagram.


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