NASA used hologram tech to ‘teleport’ a health care provider onto the ISS

NASA is utilizing 3D telemedicine to “teleport” docs to the ISS. The course of makes use of hologram expertise, like Microsoft’s Hololens digital camera, to move high-quality 3D fashions to the house station. It’s a brand new approach that NASA is testing to assist present astronauts with the medical care that they want.

NASA’s new 3D telemedicine system “teleports” docs to house

3D telemedicine on ISSImage supply: ESA (European Space Agency) astronaut Thomas Pesquet

With NASA and different house companies pushing to place extra folks in house, we’re going to want methods to speak extra effectively. One potential approach of doing that’s holoportation. The expertise has been in use since at the least 2016 at firms like Microsoft. However, that is the primary time that NASA has used it. And, what higher approach to make use of it than within the pursuit of 3D telemedicine.

The development of telemedicine has been exponential because the COVID-19 pandemic started. As such, it has helped set up new methods for docs to achieve folks with out risking publicity to viruses or illnesses. Now, NASA is utilizing that very same tech to permit docs to be holoported to the International Space Station.

“This is completely new manner of human communication across vast distances. Furthermore, it is a brand-new way of human exploration, where our human entity is able to travel off the planet. Our physical body is not there, but our human entity absolutely is there,” Dr. Josef Schmid mentioned in a assertion NASA shared.

This was the primary time that anybody has used holoportation between house and Earth. Further, it’s the first time that 3D telemedicine has allowed for a two-way dialog to happen on the ISS with docs on Earth.

A precursor for future house missions

planetary paradeImage supply: Avantgarde / Adobe

NASA says that it’s testing its present 3D telemedicine strategies as a precursor for future house missions. The house company says that it plans to make use of holoportation for personal medical conferences, in addition to household conferences and to deliver VIPs to the house station. It would in the end permit for a better approach for astronauts to go to with folks.

And, if NASA perfects the system it may play a a lot bigger half within the house company’s plans to put people again on the Moon. It may additionally present invaluable methods for astronauts to speak with Earth in Mars missions down the road, too.

Of course, there are at all times next-step objectives, too. NASA doesn’t wish to cease at merely permitting the usage of 3D telemedicine. It additionally needs to mix holoportation with augmented actuality for a real tele-mentoring system. It’s unclear precisely how that will work proper now, however it’s one thing the house company is working in the direction of.

Currently, this technique of 3D telemedicine depends on the Microsoft HoloLens. It additionally makes use of a customized software program from Aexa. Together, these two elements allowed for Dr. Schmid and others to nearly go to the ISS again in 2021.

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