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Folks! Big news….Boston hit 90 for the first time this year!

Not sure if you are excited about that factoid or annoyed but it was hot in the city today. Typically, Boston reaches 90 by June 1st but that date is just an average…some years it happens in May(2021)…other years not until July(2019). In any event, Monday will not be a Heat Repeat. Instead…..plan on the Monday Muggies. We’ll also see quite a few clouds and a smattering of showers and thunderstorms all thanks to a cold front attempting to move the muggy air out of the region. That moving process will result in clouds and showers/storms.

A closer look at the Monday rain timeline shakes out like this. First up, 7am:

Then 1pm…

and finally 7pm…

Not an all day/widespread soaking rain (which we could use) but rather scattered showers and t-storms for much of the day with perhaps 12-6pm when most of them occur…have the rain gear ready to go on Monday. Behind these showers and storms is some delightful summer weather for the middle of the week!

As for the dew points, they remain low even tho temps start to climb by midweek

Ciao for now!


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