Model Natalya Maslennikova punished over racy pic at sacred site in Russia

An OnlyFans model is the latest to face the consequences in Russia after posing for a revealing photo near a place of worship and then posting it.

An Instagram and OnlyFans model is the latest in Russia to face punishment for racy poses near sacred buildings.

Natalya Maslennikova, 20, was ordered to report to the FSB security service after baring her rear in view of a church in Kaluga.

This followed her pictures coming to light after police monitored the internet, according to a law enforcement statement.

The model issued an apology, and says she has been told by the FSB she will face a fine of up to $A5500 or community service.

“It was not my goal to take a photo against the background of a church,” she said, claiming she did not realise it was a place of worship. “It is very old and does not look like a temple from the outside … The photo was taken when I was in a comic mood walking with a friend.”

She claimed she removed her accounts after she was trolled by Male State, a nationalist movement which has attacked Russian women.

She said she had been to the local FSB office and “written a confession”.

Mayor of Kaluga Dmitry Denisov said there was “something wrong” with the “mind and soul” of women like Maslennikova posing in such a way.

“I want such girls to become caring mothers and beloved wives,” he said.

“I am sure they do not have enough in their lives.”

Vice-governor of Kaluga region Dmitry Razumovsky said: “Most likely it is the problem with the education of such people.”

He urged “public condemnation, rather than forceful methods” to “correct” them.

Russia has seen a succession of such cases recently.

Rapper Hofmannita, real name Anna Mikheeva, 27, and model Alena Efremova, 22, face criminal investigation over a same sex kissing video in front of Moscow’s sacred Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

Instagram model Anastasia Chistova, 19, and her boyfriend, influencer Ruslani Murodzhonzoda, 23 — known as Ruslan Bobiyev – were jailed for ten months for simulating oral sex on a video shot close to world famous St Basil’s Cathedral.

In another case, Instagrammer Ira Volkova, 30, was held in St Petersburg for a video in which she exposed her rear outside floodlit St Isaac’s Orthodox Cathedral.

And adult film model Rota Fox, real name Ksenia Damova, 20, from Krasnoyarsk, was detained for 14 days under Russia’s petty hooliganism laws for baring her buttocks in view of the Kremlin.

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