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Q: Now that we’re principally frost-free, I’m keen to begin rising a few of my very own meals. All I’ve is a balcony, although, so what are my choices?

A: You can get fairly artistic with container sorts and planter preparations to attempt to profit from the horizontal and vertical house (although be conscious of load limits for structural security). The most limiting think about plant selection can be how a lot direct daylight the house receives through the summer season. Full solar, the perfect publicity for many edible crops to take care of good well being and productiveness, is a minimal of 6 hours per day (steady or cumulative). Some crops will tolerate much less, however could produce a diminished yield or will develop floppier and fewer compact.

The second limiting issue can be container quantity, with bigger pots being extra insulating, much less liable to fast drying and extra accommodating for root development. Make certain containers drain nicely – don’t block drain holes or fill the pot’s base with stones or pot shards – and if you happen to want a saucer to protect a downstairs neighbor from drips, be certain that it will get emptied after every watering or rain. Otherwise, that pooled water can soak again into the soil and drown roots (or breed mosquitoes). If drips aren’t a difficulty, simply skip the saucer.

Herbs are comparatively straightforward, particularly if the soil tends to dry out rapidly. Not all survive the winter, however a number of can. For greens, leafy greens also can work nicely, and lettuce doesn’t thoughts the cooling advantages of some afternoon shade. Small bush-type cucumber varieties received’t sprawl almost as a lot as typical cucumbers, although their melon kin are too space-hogging until you’ve gotten an expansive deck.

Compact forms of tomatoes, peppers and eggplant, plus summer season squash, lemongrass, and different warm-season crops profit from a minimal container measurement of about 5 gallons per plant. A ironmongery store bucket with holes drilled for drainage can work fairly satisfactorily if you happen to don’t wish to spend a lot on the container. Winter squash and full-size forms of the above want nearer to 10 gallons of soil quantity per plant. You can discover extra ideas for container measurement on our Types of Containers for Growing Vegetables web page.

For fruits, you possibly can strive strawberries, however use day-neutral varieties for the fewest runners and an extended harvest season. Compact blueberry cultivars and dwarf brambles (blackberry, raspberry) have develop into obtainable in recent times and are perfect for container tradition. Lowbush blueberries, the “wild blueberry” of recipes, is of course compact and may additionally provide you with sufficient harvest for some breakfast garnishes or a batch or two of muffins. Cross-pollination between completely different cultivars improves berry manufacturing for blueberries, however isn’t crucial with brambles or strawberries.

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Tree fruits could be difficult to domesticate in containers, and balcony house is normally too limiting. There are a couple of genetic-dwarf varieties which keep smaller than varieties dwarfed by grafting, similar to sure peaches and apples, however root unfold restricted by a container could restrain their development much more. Plus, their maintenance to forestall pests and illnesses from injuring the tree or ruining a crop could show to be not well worth the effort when house is at a premium. You may develop tropical fruits like citrus as a substitute, however they’ll want to come back inside for the winter.

Q: Some of the vegetable and flower seeds I’ve sown haven’t come up but. What could be the explanation why?

A: There’s a couple of potential causes, and the most definitely components will depend upon the kind of seed. Planting depth is vital, as a result of whereas some seeds want darkness as their germination set off, others must obtain mild from being near the soil floor. If you bought seed, the packet or catalog ought to let you know the perfect planting depth.

Consistency of soil moisture additionally has an affect, not solely so the seed can soak up moisture by way of the seed coat, but in addition as a result of rising roots (which seem earlier than foliage) are very susceptible to desiccation. Drying an excessive amount of from uneven watering will interrupt germination and may kill a seedling, which is why newly-seeded lawns are watered so typically, for instance.

Soil temperature influences germination, with heat dashing the method. Indoors, strive utilizing a horticultural heating mat below the pots; outside, ensure you’re sowing cool-tolerant crops or ready till the bottom warms a bit extra, or use a greenhouse or chilly body for these needing extra insulation.

Indoor germination setups ought to have good air circulation to discourage fungi from attacking the seeds or new shoots. Outdoor germination setups must be shielded from seed loss resulting from predation, similar to from soil-dwelling bugs, birds, and squirrels or different rodents. Once shortly seeds don’t come up as a result of they’re not there.

University of Maryland Extension’s Home and Garden Information Center provides free gardening and pest info at extension.umd.edu/hgic. Click “Ask Extension” to ship questions and pictures.

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