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BOONSBORO, Md. (WDVM) — This is the second yr Maryland leaders declared April fifteenth – twenty second Maryland State Park Week.

Lieutenant Governor Boyd Rutherford is exploring all of the parks throughout the state, he says it’s one thing he’s wished to do for some time.

WDVM caught up with him at a park in Western Maryland to be taught extra in regards to the investments being made to assist preserve these parks.

His tour on Wednesday included South Moutain State Park and Woodmont Natural Resource Management Area.

“I wanted to get to all the state parks, just to one brings attention to the state parks but personally just to be able to see and experience our parks,” mentioned Rutherford.

Fort Frederick State Park Complex park supervisor Jacob Doyle says it excites him when individuals take curiosity of their parks.

“That’s why I do what I do is because I want to see people experience our state parks in Maryland. So it’s been really great to have taken interest and want to visit all of them,” mentioned Doyle.

He says the pandemic introduced out extra guests. “We saw a lot of new people that visit our parks that wouldn’t have before and I think it’s really been beneficial for the parks because it’s introduced a lot of folks that didn’t know or didn’t realize,” he mentioned.

The pandemic additionally make clear some points state parks are coping with.

“Parking is always an issue with we want as many people as we can to experience our state parks. With us here the maintenance of course, as well we have some things to get fixed,” mentioned Doyle.

Recently state leaders included $150 million within the governor’s finances to put money into state parks.

“We want to be able to adequately take care of the lands that were responsible for. We want our visitors to have a good experience when they come to visit our parks. So the funding that the governor provided in his budget is really a historic 20-year high for us and will go a long way towards making sure we take care of our parks,” mentioned Jeannie Haddaway-Riccio, Secretary of the Maryland Department of Natural Resources.

“It’s always good to know that we’re getting some more funding. Surely thankful for that,” mentioned Doyle.

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