Julia Roberts, Kristin Davis sport Canadian outwear brand SOIA & KYO

Canadian companies certainly know how to make a warm jacket

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Canadians know how to make a coat. From Canada Goose to Nobis and Vallier , Canadian brands know how to keep everyone snug. SOIA & KYO was founded in 2004, by Ilan Elfassy.

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Though the company is based in Montreal, its elegant coats can be seen around the world. And it’s always nice to see celebs clad in Canadian clothes. Here are some action shots that feature stars dressed in SOIA & KYO jackets.

Elisabeth Moss in SAUNDRA ($645)

Elisabeth Moss
Elisabeth Moss Photo by SOIA & KYO

Julia Roberts in LITA ($495)

Julia Roberts
Julia Roberts Photo by SOIA & KYO

Julia Stiles in CAMELIA ($595)

Julia Stiles
Julia Stiles Photo by SOIA & KYO

Dawanda Wise in ELISHA ($645)

Dawanda Wise
Dawanda Wise Photo by SOIA & KYO

Nicole Kidman in TALYSE ($695)

Nicole Kidman
Nicole Kidman Photo by SOIA & KYO

Kristin Davis, featured in the top image, is also in TALYSE .

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