Is relationship the boss not cool?

I work as a waiter at an unlimited leisure advanced within the space and have began a pleasant albeit flirtatious relationship with considered one of my feminine managers who is well 10 years my junior. We chuckle, discuss, work, and tease one another throughout our shared shifts, however I am unable to inform if she’s genuinely fascinated with pursuing a relationship or if it’s all simply harmless flirting.

Every time we work collectively and chat, she all the time says “anytime you’re ready … .”

Yesterday, after a few of this similar teasing, I requested her for her phone quantity however she simply giggled and dismissed me.

In addition to the age distinction, there is a racial distinction. I do know that should not matter however I’m questioning if that is one of many causes she did not give me her phone quantity.

Or is it simply that relationship the boss is simply not cool?

– Interested

Dating your boss is, actually, not cool. You requested for her quantity, she laughed, so now it’s time to depart it alone.

I am unable to inform you why she dismissed your request. I’d guess it is the work relationship, but it surely is perhaps one thing else. Does it matter, although? You received a greater sense of her boundaries. Friendly dialog is ok. Taking subsequent steps will get you amusing. The flirty falls someplace in between and is complicated, so … do not take a look at it.

Some folks will inform you it is by no means good to pursue romance at work. I’d say there are nice {couples} who met at work. They adopted guidelines about disclosure and made certain they took the connection out of the workplace. If considered one of them was the boss of the opposite, they requested for that to vary.

You flirt with this girl, however you do not sound head-over-heels for her. It additionally feels like you do not know her very properly. There are different folks worthy of crushes. Shift gears and discover them.

– Meredith

Readers? Is the flirting actually flirting? What ought to the LW do?

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