Incubator 22 is the ‘adrenalised series’ spotlighting six new artists

Despite the number of mediums and divergent material engaged with by every artist, they’ve all been chosen for his or her overarching qualities of integrity and curiosity. “I look for artists who stand passionately and confidently behind their work. I’m drawn to challenging work; art that demands a different way of looking, thinking, or considering a medium,” the trailblazing curator explains. “The artists in this upcoming series grapple with the unconscious, the distorted body, the stillness of a cloud, childhood landscapes, and memory through paintings, photography, and etchings.”

The present follows the success of Incubator 21 and repeats the distinctive format of final 12 months’s “adrenalised series”. In residence at London’s A. Society in Chiltern Street, the house will probably be frequently reimagined as every week attracts to an in depth and the following artist occupies the gallery. 

Jopling tells Dazed: “The 12 artists from both series come from very different backgrounds and explore a range of media. The only unifying factor is that they are all artists working in London who have never had a solo show. The goal is to create a programme that is artistically and conceptually diverse. Each week the space transforms to accommodate a completely different and unique body of work. It’s a challenge, but it’s been exciting as a curator and brings together artists who might not have shared a space otherwise.”

While the preliminary 5 artists had been discovered independently, the ultimate artist to exhibit in Incubator 22, Polish-born Alicja Biala, was chosen from amongst 118 candidates who responded to an open name. Exploring concepts of cultural identification, fragmentation, folks traditions, paganism, migration, politics, and far more, the artist explains: “My work, like the identity of many Slavs, is an amalgam of fragments of those before us, borrowed and collaged together in an ad hoc fashion. I work in an ad hoc manner across many media and scales to cut into a cultural past that is at once distant and remarkably close, in the hopes that some bizarre truth leaks out. It is speculative and interrogative: Where have we been, and where might we go?”

Incubator based and curator Angelica Jopling has had a singular vantage level on the artwork world. As the daughter of White Cube founder Jay Jopling and artist and filmmaker Sam Taylor-Johnson (neé Taylor-Wood), Jopling’s perspective has been knowledgeable by a lifetime surrounded by artwork. She displays on her aspirations and beliefs as a curator: “I try to take an interdisciplinary approach – I think it’s incredibly important, as a curator, to be curious about new media, ideas, and experimental formats. Curators often serve as arbiters between art and the public, especially in new or uncertain terrain, so it’s important to be able to speak to a wide range of practices. Being adaptable is also imperative; one needs to be able to acknowledge their default biases and learned prejudices.”

Take a glance via the gallery above for a glimpse of among the work that will probably be on show throughout six weeks of Incubator 22.

Incubator 22 is now open at A. Society, 2 Chiltern Street, London, W1U 7PR by appointment

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