“I expect him to be here”

OWINGS MILLS, Md. — The Ravens are in the midst of the third week of organized staff actions. These practices are voluntary. So far Lamar Jackson has voluntarily missed all of them.

This is the ultimate week of this part of the offseason. Next week begins a three-day necessary minicamp. The expectation from the pinnacle coach is that his star quarterback might be again.

“I expect him to be here at mandatory minicamp,” mentioned John Harbaugh. “I know he is working hard. Lamar Jackson is a hard worker. So, I’m not worried about how hard he is working.”

He’s not frightened about Jackson’s conditioning both.

“[I] fully expect him to come back in great shape. That’s what he talks about. I’m sure he is throwing. I’m sure he’s doing a good job. When he gets back here we’ll be rolling with Lamar. Right now we roll with the guys we got and when he gets here he will merge right in with everybody and we’ll go to work with Lamar.”

Among the boys tasked with defending Lamar is Ja’Wuan James. He attended the OTA apply on Wednesday. The offensive sort out is on the way in which again from tearing his Achilles 13 months in the past whereas he was a member of the Broncos. He has not performed since struggling a knee harm in 2019. He opted out of the 2020 season.

“He has been doing good. I haven’t really noticed the Achilles. We haven’t done any power blocking. He hasn’t had to move anyone off the ball yet. Obviously that comes in training camp when the pads come on. But, he’s moving really well,” mentioned Harbaugh.

Also again is tight finish Nick Boyle. A year-and-a-half in the past he suffered a devastating knee harm. Last 12 months he was restricted to 5 video games. He was not absolutely wholesome for any of them. This 12 months:

“He does look like a new guy,” mentioned Harbaugh. “He’s way leaner. He has really worked hard to become lean.”

Boyle mentioned earlier than his harm his enjoying weight was anyplace from 272 lbs. to 278 lbs. Now he’s tipping the scales at 262 lbs.

“Going through this whole injury has been a lot,” mentioned Boyle. “Just keep working every single day and I feel really, really good right now, dropped some pounds, it’s like I like to say you take some load out of the car, the horse power and stuff is still the same but you get to move a little faster and stuff.”

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