Hermès quests for lightness with 4 translucent coloured paper installations

hermès’ new dwelling collections IN MILAN’S LA PELOTA


On the event of Milan Design Week 2022, Hermès quests for lightness with 4 translucent installations offered within the La Pelota occasion house. Through these installations, the design crew sought to play with gravity and light-weight, and discover a steadiness between coloration and materials. Despite the huge measurement of their picket skeletons, the constructions seem mushy and delicate because of their distinctive semi-transparent coverings. 


The 4 architectural volumes radiate mild, popping towards the darkish backdrop. Thus, the colourful towers stimulate the curiosity of the guests who really feel the urge to find what’s inside. Upon getting into the small openings, one encounters totally different home goods from ornamental items to chairs and dinnerware, all exactly positioned to hunt ‘lightness in the design of the object’.


‘Perception of the creations changes as light plays over them when they are backlit against the structures, each a poetic colossus and a point of anchor for these little miracles of balance.’Hermès quests for lightness with four translucent colored paper installations

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‘looking for lightness’ by hermès


The 4 volumes designed by the French model introduce guests of Milan design week 2022 to its newest creations. Although the constructions resemble water towers, they nonetheless keep their lightness and sleekness. Each semi-transparent paper cladding unveils its distinctive picket patterns, taking part in with geometry and exuding lightness. 


The dwelling collections exhibited inside seem as a discreet interaction of texture, materials, coloration, and transparency, incorporating distinctive fields of know-how. The sequence consists of porcelain objects, leather-based furnishings, and many cashmere — considered one of Hermès’ favourite supplies. 


‘A sheet of leather, cut, folded and hand-painted, becomes a table centerpiece; porcelain plates reflect the sun’s rays, and a canework seat makes a chair as swish as it’s strong. Capture the essence of the fabric and enrich it with the work of an progressive hand. Thus the lightness of strains and magnificence can transcend time.’

Hermès quests for lightness with four translucent colored paper installations



‘The Construction blanket, inspired by Gianpaolo Pagni’s designs, expresses its graphic dimension via the fabric itself. Cashmere panels are assembled by linking in a method borrowed from ready-to-wear. The Surface bedspread is constructed from stunning hexagons created in cashmere and combines the meticulous strategies of patchwork and quilting, each mastered by American artist Carson Converse.’

Hermès quests for lightness with four translucent colored paper installations

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