Glib meals remark eats at girl who’s battled weight

Dear Abby: I had weight-loss surgical procedure three years in the past and misplaced 134 kilos. Two years later, I traded addictions and have become an issue drinker. During this time I met a person, however my consuming got here between us and we broke up. I finished consuming three months in the past. He contacted me and, when he came upon I had stop consuming, we had lunch and talked and we at the moment are courting once more.

After every week of courting, he stated, “I notice you are eating more than when we dated before. Have you stretched out your stomach?” I stated, “No, because I’m no longer drinking, I now eat three meals a day.” He stated, “I sure don’t want you to gain back all that weight you lost!”

My emotions are very harm and I’m even a bit offended. I actually do like him. What ought to I say to him that may convey my emotions? I need to rise up for myself with out being crass.

— Trying Again in Arkansas

Dear Trying: The subsequent time you’re face-to-face, say, “I would like to revisit something you said to me recently. You said, ‘Have you stretched out your stomach? I sure don’t want you to gain back all that weight you lost!’ It was really hurtful. Surely you know I don’t want to gain back all the weight either, nor do I intend to. But if eating healthfully means I’ll carry a few more pounds than I did when I was drinking, you will either have to accept it or I will have to stop seeing you.”

Dear Abby: My daughter is having a small wedding ceremony. I’ve one sister that my daughter and I communicate with who’s invited to the marriage. I’ve one other sister who hasn’t been in touch with my daughter in 20 years. We have minimal contact.

The invited sister is now threatening to present her invitation to my different sister! Have you ever heard of such a factor? She feels that it doesn’t matter what, household needs to be invited, and he or she has taken it upon herself to ask our different sister to the marriage. How do I deal with this example?

— Mother of the Bride

Dear Mother: Tell the sister you’re nonetheless talking to that when an invite is distributed, it’s supposed just for the person whose title seems on the envelope. Contact the sister you communicate to RARELY and clarify that your daughter’s wedding ceremony will probably be a small one, and since she hasn’t been near your daughter in 20 years, she is just not on the visitor listing.

If that doesn’t do the trick and he or she crashes the marriage, don’t make a scene. Seat her within the again and clarify politely that as a result of she wasn’t invited, no lodging has been made for her on the reception. Focus in your daughter on her large day and keep away from any backstage drama.

Dear Abby: I’m 69 and a retired navy man. My spouse handed away virtually two years in the past. I’m very keen on a single neighbor who’s 30 and has two youngsters. She has been inviting me for supper at her home no less than thrice every week and once I go away, we hug. I’d prefer to kiss her however I don’t know if I ought to ask first or inform her I’m getting hooked up to her. How do I discover out if she has emotions for me?

— Puzzled within the South

Dear Puzzled: A method to try this could be to say, “I’d like to kiss you. How do you feel about that?” Then be ready for the reply both method.

Dear Abby is written by Abigail Van Buren, also called Jeanne Phillips, and was based by her mom, Pauline Phillips. Contact Dear Abby at 

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