Enjoyable Infographic Highlights Differences Between European Dinnertimes

Dinnertime in Europe Infographic

What time is dinner? This seemingly easy query has fairly a distinct reply relying on the place you’re on the planet. Thanks to Orkun Melih Köksal, who runs the Instagram account @loverofgeography, it is simple to see simply how completely different eating habits are throughout Europe. The Dutch map lover is simply 20 years outdated, however he is been operating his account for a number of years and gained fairly a following.

“As a little kid as young as five years old, I always had a little bit of passion for world maps or countries,” he tells My Modern Met. “I had a huge world map in my room. Every day when I came back home from school, I kept staring at the world map in my room because of how fascinating it was to me while most other kids just wouldn’t care. I was playing games with myself trying to find all the countries and cities on the map. Years later when I was about 17, I saw all these mappers on Instagram and thought I can do that too but better with my own map style and not just stolen maps from Reddit. I wanted to entertain people and educate them at the same time by making maps more fun.”

He’s actually delivered on his promise. With over 63,000 followers, Köksal stays true to his “Lover of Geography” deal with and delivers enjoyable and informative content material. And, he is cautious to notice, each map comes with a considerate quantity of analysis. For occasion, to create his dinnertime infographic, he checked out a number of sources.

First, he turned to Google and searched dinner occasions of every particular person nation. He then turned to his followers and requested 20 individuals from every nation the time that they eat supper. After evaluating the solutions he acquired with these from Google, he received his common time.

All of his work naturally begins together with his personal curiosity. For occasion, the dinner infographic originated when he observed that Spanish alternate college students would marvel at how early Dutch individuals eat dinner. While, on the identical time, he knew that Dutch expats in Spain felt it was unusual to eat so late. This bit of non-public information then spun into an exquisite design that sparked a whole lot of dialog from his followers.

This is only one of many desirable information he brings to mild by way of his informative maps. Geography and tradition lovers may also respect how usually he posts so that there’s at all times one thing new to be taught.

Lover of Geography is a enjoyable Instagram account run by map lover Orkun Melih Köksal.

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Lover of Geography: Instagram

My Modern Met granted permission to function pictures by Lover of Geography.

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