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Adam’s House Cat didn’t have a Whisky a Go Go, CBGB or Fillmore to chop its tooth at. Patterson Hood and Mike Cooley’s ’80s indie rock outfit, Adam’s House Cat had Club XIII – a small-town Southern bar that principally booked cowl bands.

Nearly 4 a long time after Hood and Cooley’s first band performed the bar, their present band, ace rock ’n’ roll journeymen Drive-By Truckers, look again on the bar with a smile and wink on new single “Welcome 2 Club XIII.”

“The song has a sarcastic kind of fondness for the place,” Hood mentioned forward of the Truckers’ April 28 present at Royale Boston. He added with amusing, “They had Roman numerals in their name because they were classy.”

“When we started out as House Cat in ’85 we were literally the only band playing original music in town,” Hood mentioned of his hometown, Muscle Shoals, Ala. “There was really no place for us to play, but the guy that ran Club XIII liked our band so he’d throw us a Wednesday night every now and then or let us open for some hair metal cover band and slide us a couple hundred dollars.”

It wasn’t rock ’n’ roll glory nevertheless it was a begin. And begins are the place Hood will get numerous his most tender and tragic materials.

With politics and hate dominating the information for the final half decade, the Truckers bought swept up into the zeitgeist. Hood has by no means shied away from songs that addressed modern ills, however throughout the Trump presidency he leaned into the moments — pattern track titles embody “Babies in Cages,” “Thoughts and Prayers” and “The New OK.”

“I was ready to take a break from writing about current events,” he mentioned. “We ended up with an unintended trilogy of political polemic records. We wrote what we felt we had to write.”

For the subsequent album, additionally known as “Welcome 2 Club XIII,” Hood spends extra time wanting again at his previous, not at all times with fondness. Due in June, the set has a wistful high quality, a form of sentimentality tempered by the burden of maturity.

It begins with “The Driver,” a stomping fever dream wherein Hood describes the extreme expertise of driving across the rural South as a teen after which transitions to pictures of seeing the mountains of Montana for the primary time from the home windows of the tour van on an early Truckers’ trek. The LP closes with “Wilder Days,” a ballad of misplaced youth someplace between plaintive and nostalgic.

“‘The Driver’ comes from those experiences of driving around aimlessly late at night probably doing things that shouldn’t be encouraged at this point in time,” Hood mentioned. “But those drives were often what led to a moment of clarity or epiphany that would lead me to do something like dropping out of college to form Adam’s House Cat.”

In between the tracks, “Welcome 2 Club XIII,” runs by means of what followers have come to anticipate from a Truckers report: remorse, longing, pleasure, fury, overdriven guitars, soul blended with Southern rock, Americana spiked with echoes of grunge, and plenty of begins — origin tales of well-spent and misspent youth.

The present tour will run by means of all that stuff too by placing new songs subsequent to previous ones, favorites and forgotten nuggets.

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