Don’t miss: Outer Range, Amazon Prime’s newest supernatural thriller

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Chris Faulkes and Lorna Faulkes


The Naked Mole-rat: Animal Superhero by evolutionary ecologist Chris Faulkes will clarify how this rodent altered our view of human well being and ageing. This on-line speak by London’s Linnean Society is on 13 April at 12.30 BST.


The Book of Minds by Philip Ball argues that we should look past our personal brains and delve into the minds of different creatures if we need to really perceive ourselves and comprehend the potential for alien or machine intelligence.

Outer Range

Amazon Studios


Outer Range stars Josh Brolin as a rancher within the Wyoming wilderness whose grip on actuality is known as into query when a mysterious black void opens up in his western pasture. It will stream on Amazon Prime from 15 April.

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