Designer CreatesSolar Desalination Skylight Produces Drinking Water

Designer Creates Solar Desalination Skylight as Low-Tech Way to Produce Drinking Water

The Solar Desalination Skylight by Henry Glogau. (Photo: Henry Glogau Studio)

Fresh, clear consuming water is important. Many communities world wide already undergo from a lack of fresh consuming water. Resource shortage can be a big impending problem of local weather change. To assist fight this, New Zealand architect Henry Glogau has designed Solar Desalination Skylight, a ravishing and useful mild fixture which transforms seawater into clear consuming water.

Glogau, who works at 3XN‘s innovation unit in Copenhagen, Denmark, collaborated with the Chilean NGO TECHO to create the skylight particularly for a coastal neighborhood of Mejillones, Chile, often known as “Nueva Esperanza.” Mounted on the ceiling, the lamp is illuminated by LED bulbs. The bulbs are powered by a photo voltaic panel which expenses through the day, in addition to salt batteries created by evaporating seawater. The seawater is pumped into the sunshine via a small tube. The water trickles via elegant channels the place evaporation separates the salt. The lamp produces 440 ml of fresh water a day.

The skylight received the Design Educate Awards’ “Responsive Design” class. Input from the Nueva Esperanza neighborhood was solicited throughout improvement. Designers and the neighborhood brainstormed methods to create comparable techniques with accessible plastic bottles, cans, knives and tape. Close to the ocean and with ample daylight, the neighborhood is well-positioned to capitalize on these sustainable assets. Design is a crucial strategy to meet the useful resource challenges of right now and tomorrow.

To see extra of Glogau’s work, try his studio web site.

Architect Henry Glogau created Solar Desalination Skylight, which illuminates a room whereas remodeling seawater into recent consuming water.

Henry Glogau Studio

The design course of. (Photo:
Henry Glogau Studio)

The elegant design is an revolutionary strategy to meet the useful resource challenges of right now and tomorrow.

Solar Desalination Light

The skylight is useful and delightful. (Photo: Henry Glogau Studio)

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