Coral reefs: Marine biologists hope offshore wind farms can present an ocean secure haven

For the primary time, marine biologists have positioned coral larvae on the base of offshore generators in an try to develop new reefs. If the method is profitable, wind farms in tropical waters might present secure haven for ocean wildlife


8 June 2022

For the primary time, researchers have seeded a part of an offshore wind turbine with hundreds of coral larvae. If the larvae latch onto the construction and flourish, generators in tropical waters might develop into havens for struggling corals.  

“It’s something that no one has done before,” says Madeline Hodge on the Danish power firm Ørsted, which has partnered with researchers at Penghu Marine Biology Research Center in Taiwan for the challenge referred to as ReCoral 

The concept is to deal with the lack of reefs worldwide by offering new habitats for corals. Because reefs are extremely delicate to modifications in water temperature …

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