CMM Hosts International Lecturer, Jack Cooper, For Digital Discuss On Megalodon

Jack Cooper

SOLOMONS, Md. – In honor of National Megalodon Day (June 15), Calvert Marine Museum will host worldwide lecturer, Jack Cooper, for a digital presentation on Megalodon: The morphology and ecology on 2D and 3D modeling; and the significance of this iconic species in learning shark useful variety. The digital lecture will happen on Wednesday, June 15 at 6 p.m. through Zoom (invitation hyperlink beneath).

An ideal variety of sharks have roamed the oceans for hundreds of thousands of years, performing a wide range of ecological roles – most famously as apex predators. Among such sharks of the previous was the largest shark that ever lived: the 20 m megalodon. Its monumental enamel have change into iconic fossils in paleontology, discovered all around the world together with in Maryland. With no full skeletons but recognized, scientists are pressured to make use of fashionable sharks and what little they’ve of the fossilized skeleton to deduce this big’s morphology and ecology. Now, a 2D reconstruction primarily based on residing sharks, and a brand new 3D reconstruction primarily based on an exceptionally preserved vertebral column, have revealed unprecedented new clues about how this shark moved and ate. Are any residing sharks acceptable analogues to this big? How did its weight loss program of whales have an effect on its motion or power consumption? Can we even ensure what it seemed like with out a full skeleton? And how does modeling an extinct apex predator assist us examine shark useful variety as an entire – up to now, current or future?   

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