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What’s your state of mind going into another virtual market?

Well, a bit disappointed, but I’m getting used to it. Hopefully this is the last virtual market. Fingers crossed.

What do you miss most about the physical markets?

The audience’s reaction to a great film — long applause and whistles from the back. Or, as a buyer, I miss getting a good pitch from a sales person face to face when they have a truly great film to sell. There’s a lot of energy and passion you pick up from someone’s pride in selling a good movie.

What do you miss most about Berlin in particular?

The contrast between the warm shuttle bus, the bitter cold, the toasty indoor cinemas and then stepping back out into the snow again. I miss the unique mixture of the Berlinale experience. I miss seeing my sales and industry friends from all over the world and chatting about what’s going on with us, what’s happening in each of our own markets and sharing opinions on the big trends of the film industry. I miss enjoying a glass of red wine or a cigarette in the cold after a screening and sharing thoughts on a great film with professionals who have great taste.

What’s been your best and worst experience with the virtual markets of the past two years?

Screening films on a small screen with a bad internet connection, even with a VPN. Not much to say about the “best.”

What has changed about how you do business?

We’re more cautious with decision-making for acquisitions. We wait and see the footage before making a final decision, which is different from our previous pre-buy approach among our rapid-fire Chinese competitors of the past.

Any Zoom etiquette tips?

Be somewhere private, so you can take off your mask.

What’s your favorite, only-in-Berlin moment from physical festivals/markets past?

Just walking through Potsdamer Platz with industry friends after catching a major film’s competition premiere on the big screen.

What aspect of Berlin, or the physical markets, that you used to complain about do you now find yourself missing?

Having to constantly take off and put on layers because it’s so hot inside and so cold outside. Now I miss it all.

Assuming we have a physical market next year, what’s the first thing you’ll do after landing in Berlin for EFM 2023?

Maybe I’ll arrive a bit early and drink a coffee on one of the warm patios in the Sony center, breath in the cold air and watch people walking by until I see a friend to go greet with a big hug.

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