Basketball college 2022: Duke Vs Clemson, David Collins slammed, apologises for ugly Wendell Moore Jr dunk play

A college basketball star has apologised after he was savaged by America for one of the ugliest plays many people had ever seen.

Duke’s Blue Devils 82-64 win over the Clemson Tigers made headlines for all the wrong reasons after one of the ugliest plays you’re likely to see on a basketball court.

Clemson’s David Collins had the ball pinched by Duke’s Wendell Moore Jr. before streaking away for an easy dunk.

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Moore Jr. obliged the crowd but it quickly turned ugly as Collins chased back, taking the legs out from under the Duke star.

It was such an ugly play that players from both teams had their hands on their heads as Moore Jr. fell heavily from the rim to the floor.

The Duke bench reportedly almost cleared and there was no choice but to eject Collins for a flagrant 2 for the intentional foul.

Krzyzewski had rushed straight from the bench to check on his player.

And despite how bad it could have been, Moore was able to continue through the remainder of the game.

After the match, Collins released a statement via his Instagram to apologise for the incident and give his side of the story.

“I was going to try to block it from behind but I was going too fast and I couldn’t stop I realised I needed to stop when it was too late,” he wrote. “I never have been a dirty player never will, I wish bro a healthy season and I never tried to hurt anybody but I know everyone is entitled to their own opinion I have respect towards Duke and Clemson and I apologise to everybody for a reckless play I’m glad Wendell is okay “

But the fallout was swift as the US reacted to the horrific sight.

Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski, who started in the role in 1980, said he’d never seen a play like that.

“He didn’t see himself. We saw him,” Krzyzewski said of Moore. “He was parallel to the ground eight feet up in the air. That was one of the most dangerous plays I’ve ever seen, and I’m not knocking Collins, but I’ve never seen a player look like that before.”

Krzyzewski also praised Clemson coach Brad Brownell, who brought his player over to apologise for the moment, calling his counterpart “damn good coach and a good guy”.

“The fact that he brought (him over) and we had some interaction. I think that was really good,” Coach K said. “I told Brad I just wanted to move on. Wendell is good, at least I hope he’s good. We’ll see how he feels after the plane ride, but it’s best to move on.”

But social media wasn’t as forgiving.

Sports broadcaster Kim Adams wrote: “I can’t believe the foul I just saw a Clemson player commit on a Duke player on a wide-open fast break dunk. Flagrant 2 and ejected. Terrible.

“The video is tough to watch. Multi-game suspension would be warranted. Nothing but intent to injure here.

“This could have been so much worse for Wendell Moore Jr.”

Spectrum News’ social justice reporter Jose Arrendondo tweeted: “This is disgusting, man. He could’ve ended his career. I hope Moore Jr is okay.”

USA Today’s Todd Shanesy added: “Halftime acrobat balancing on a board on a cylinder on a platform with a 4-year-old on his shoulders is not even the most dangerous thing we’ve seen here at Clemson during the past few minutes.

“Clemson’s David Collins was ejected for undercutting Duke’s Wendell Moore Jr. on a dunk. Moore landed hard on his back and it could’ve been his head. He’s OK, but he’s lucky. Awful foul by Collins.”

Deadspin senior writer Carron J. Phillips tweeted: “How is Wendell Moore Jr. walking after that??? SHEESH!!!!!”

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