Artist Explores the Beauty of Birds in an Online Exhibition

London-based photographer Tim Flach is known for his intimate portrayals of birds. He captures a diverse array of species—many of which are rare and endangered—in photographs that each boast a compelling emotional component. It’s as if we’re gazing into the soul of these creatures.

These stunning shots offer a close-up look at various avian species, including blue tits, cockatoos, doves, and ravens. Their vibrant plumage and patterns are shown in exquisite definition.”Birds just present such an array of colors, such different morphologies, I just wanted to explore the wonderment and the beauty of birds,” Flach says.

Each of these photographs places birds against a solid or plain background which enhances their magnificence and creates a sense of drama. They look either towards the camera or off to the side, allowing the viewer a personal perspective of these feathered creatures.

Echo Fine Arts gallery in the French Riviera displayed some of Flach’s latest portraits in a physical, and now online, exhibition entitled Birds. You can browse the digital exhibition here, and keep up to date with the photographer’s upcoming projects by following him on Instagram.

Bird Photography by Tim Flach

“Major Mitchell’s Cockatoo,” 2021

Bird Photography by Tim Flach

“Himalayan Monal – Three Quarters,” 2021

Bird Photography by Tim Flach

“Pink Headed Fruit Dove,” 2021

Bird Photography by Tim Flach

“Long-Tailed Broadbill,” 2021

Bird Photography by Tim Flach

“Victoria Crowned Pigeon,” 2021

Bird Photography by Tim Flach

“Northern Cardinal,” 2021

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