A shot that stops Lyme illness could possibly be on the horizon

People who’ve had Lyme illness know simply how debilitating the deer-borne an infection could be, however a nonprofit is engaged on a shot that may forestall it.

Tests of Lyme PrEP, developed by MassBiologics of the UMass Chan Medical School, have proven promising outcomes, stated Dr. Mark Klempner, professor of medication and former govt vice chancellor for MassBiologics.

“We identified the single antibody that led to immunity and tested it on animals, where it proved 100% effective” in combating the illness, which in people may cause persistent joint ache and have cardiac and neurological results, Klempner stated.

Lyme PrEP isn’t a vaccine, he stated. It prevents an infection by delivering a single, anti-Lyme antibody, or blood protein, on to individuals quite than triggering their very own immune system to make many antibodies, as vaccines do, Klempner stated. If an individual’s blood comprises the proper antibody in opposition to the micro organism, the antibody can kill Borrelia within the tick’s intestine earlier than that micro organism has an opportunity to contaminate individuals, he stated.

Now, 48 volunteers who’ve by no means been uncovered to Lyme illness are collaborating in a scientific trial in Nebraska, the place the illness isn’t endemic. The intention is to make sure there aren’t any main adversarial reactions in individuals and to see how lengthy the Lyme PrEP antibody stays of their circulation.

So far, no main adversarial reactions have been noticed, Klempner stated. The Lyme PrEP antibody lasts in circulation for a minimum of 9 months after the injection, so if the therapy is authorized by the Food and Drug Administration, individuals would get a shot annually.

After the primary part of the scientific trial ends in August, trials involving extra individuals are anticipated to start subsequent spring, he stated.

“In order to demonstrate efficacy of Lyme PrEP to prevent Lyme disease, we will recruit participants with a heightened risk for Lyme disease, such as landscapers and people who spend lots of time outdoors, from populated areas where there is high risk of exposure to ticks that carry the Lyme disease bacteria,” he stated. “We will compare how the shot works in participants who get the shot to participants who do not.”

Klempner expects the shot could possibly be licensed and obtainable to the general public in 2024.

“Clearly Lyme disease is a big problem. There are hundreds of cases in New England alone every year,” stated Dr. Philip Landrigan, a former epidemiologist on the Centers for Disease Control and Infection. “Anything that can safely reduce the number of infections is a good thing.”

Lyme disease treatment: Lyme PrEP
Lyme illness therapy: Lyme PrEP

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