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The future of Europe’s digital economy, be it in quantum computing, artificial intelligence, communications infrastructure or autonomous driving, will have an leading-edge semiconductor at its heart.

The EU has set forward an ambitious goal to produce 20% of the world’s cutting-edge semiconductors by 2030, up from 9% today. The current chip shortage and its effects on European industry have demonstrated how important a reliable and resilient supply of semiconductors is today. At the same time, Europe’s consumption of leading-edge semiconductors is expected to skyrocket in the next decade.

The global management consultancy Kearney has produced a report for Intel on the future demand of leading-edge semiconductors for Europe and their role for strategic industries in Europe. The report draws on input and intelligence from a cross-section of the ecosystem that surrounds the semiconductor industry in Europe and beyond.

Rewatch this Intel event, in partnership with our media partner EURACTIV, to learn more about the importance of leading-edge semiconductors for the European economy.

Listen to the full event here:

Media Partnership: Leading-edge semiconductors: a cornerstone for Europe’s digital future




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