3M dresses olimpia zagnoli’s silhouettes in film for design variations 2022

3m’s adhesive film adorns circolo filologico milanese


Colors and geometries pay tribute to creativity as 3M‘s adhesive films dress the gigantic silhouettes of artist Olimpia Zagnoli. In the occasion of Milan Design Week 2022, exposition Design Variations curated by MoscaPartners challenges the company to adapt the films through and around the bright, comic-strip-like figures. As the leading multinational brand of technology and science responds to contemporary needs and styles, the façade of Circolo Filologico Milanese is taken over by the Cariatidi Contemporanee, while 3M additionally adorns the indoors bar area.

3M dresses olimpia zagnoli's silhouettes in film for design variations 2022
3M’s adhesive film dresses the silhouettes of Olimpia Zagnoli at Circolo Filologico Milanese | photo by Miro Zagnoli

all images courtesy of MoscaPartners, Design Variations 2022



‘our products have a richness to them, and a grain and texture’


Within the ambit of the international exposition of Design Variations 2022 curated by MoscaPartners, the colorful pop aesthetic of the Emilia-born artist Olimpia Zagnoli is expressed in Cariatidi Contemporanee – a site-specific work adorning the building façade of Circolo Filologico Milanese. The stylized shapes are completed with 3M‘s adhesive film that adapts to shape the anthropomorphic figures and silhouettes, extending as far as the windows and archway. Inside, the company also services the palazzo’s Liberty-style rooms in a range of polyester films in natural finishes. 



‘We actually use the Design Week as a great input for what’s up and coming for trends. That fits right into the process of selecting and curating the finishes that we want to build and that carries forward to the technology. We are constantly innovating for new ways of doing things. Once upon a time, films had kind of a bad reputation – they looked like plastic, not real. We have really solved that technical challenge over time, so now the products we have, have a richness to them, and a grain and texture that complements the selections on the trend side. So all of that together is I think a really big differentiator for what we do,’ says Kevin Gilboe, Director and Head of Design, International at 3M.

3M dresses olimpia zagnoli's silhouettes in film for design variations 2022
3M chose the Scotchcal™ line for its durability and long-lasting performance | photo by Miro Zagnoli



Scotchcal™ and FASARA™ can completely personalize a space


For Cariatidi Contemporanee, 3M has chosen the Scotchcal™ line characterized by durability and long-lasting performance. The availability of hundreds of different hues, in a glossy or matt finish, makes this family of films ideal for interpreting the vivid and solid colors of the artwork. The tool itself is endowed with the power to trigger the creativity and imagination of those wishing to reinterpret and personalize any type of everyday living space.



‘We were speaking with Olimpia about the installation, and she was talking about how she was wondering how the mirror would work out, which was kind of a tricky thing to execute, and I think that marks our case study here. We were able to match up to the vision of the artist with the products and the capabilities that they offer. So a film mirror could go wrong in a lot of different ways like come out looking too wavy. That’s the fun part though, finding ways to help others express what they want which is what we achieved here as well,’ continues Kevin Gilboe in explaining Olimpia Zagnoli’s installation.

3M dresses olimpia zagnoli's silhouettes in film for design variations 2022
3M decorates the windowpanes with polyester film FASARA™ designed for glass use | photo by Ruy Teixeira



For 2022, 3M reveals new releases: a collection of 21 finishes for creating a space that captures the essence of the environment and guarantees a quick and easy installation. FASARA™ becomes a collection of polyester films designed specifically for use on glass, which in turn catalyzes the feeling of nature and exploits the natural light of any living space. The upgraded trendy shades and natural finishes provide an ideal balance between practicality and creativity, guaranteeing an optimal light diffusion, or privacy. With an incomparable tactile finish, the films confer transparency as well as offering a profound depth of color.

3M dresses olimpia zagnoli's silhouettes in film for design variations 2022
3M covers the walls of Il Caffè del Circolo, a permanent makeover intervention of the bar | photo by Ruy Teixeira



Specifically, stylized shapes stand out on the windowpane thanks to the use of FASARA™. Available in more than 120 finishes ranging from the more classical versions of geometric inspiration to those of a sensorial nature, their effects are played out in shades whether in white, transparent, comprising champagne, greys, blues or blacks, the latest of which also regale a remarkable tactile sensation.



‘We’re really excited about the FASARA story. We continually renewed it and refreshed it and curated it. I think the the newer products express what we see in terms of trends and the key notes that we want to hit. One note that we definitely wanted to hit was around the idea of calm and timelessness. I think that he world kind of needs a break so having that come forward in the product is appropriate; hence the names of the series go by Optically Organic and Holistic Harmony,’ expands Kevin.


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