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With outdoor living rooms becoming the space du jour, classy concrete patio ideas are a must for a timeless look in any backyard. The beauty of a concrete patio is that it’s low-maintenance and creates a visual break in a sea of landscaping ideas. “Decorative patios are a relatively inexpensive way to increase the value of your home while creating a living space that can be enjoyed by family and friends,” says Todd Stewart, president and co-chairman of Sam the Concrete Man. “There are thousands of different stamp patterns and color options available to choose from. Pick a combination that will match well with your home and landscaping.”

Plus, it’s more than just a concrete slab. When situated near a pool deck or under a pergola, it truly becomes an outdoor living haven. Connect it to the rest of your backyard with walkways for a lounging retreat. Homeowners can also use the patio as a setup for an outdoor kitchen or an enclave for a gazebo. Those seeking a private nook on an existing patio can play up hardscape design or add a fire pit for coziness by making the space into a sunken outdoor living room.

Concrete patio designs span textures too—from flagstone pavers to decorative concrete. When it comes to landscaping, step up your game by planting shrubbery just outside your pavers. For a DIY approach to patio space, you can remodel your existing patio with new outdoor furniture or even stencil on the surface to cut back on the concrete patio cost.

How can I cover my concrete patio cheaply?

With a concrete patio, you have a clean slate, which allows you to use your imagination when it comes to design ideas. Look no further than secondhand furniture to gather concrete patio ideas on a budget. According to data from Facebook Marketplace, “patio furniture” is one of the top three searches in the last three months. “Metal tables and chairs are very easy to rehab with elbow grease and spray paint,” says DIY blogger Jessica Nickerson of @househomemade in Dallas. “You can easily fill your patio spaces with seating for a fraction of the price.”

If you’re looking for low-maintenance landscaping ideas, know that poured concrete is usually more affordable per square foot than other patio paving options. According to home services app Thumbtack, concrete resurfacing costs can range from $3 to $10 per square foot. Placing down concrete slabs is another affordable patio design idea, since you can customize the size of each piece to suit your needs.

How can I make my concrete patio look better?

Since the cement material is pretty much a blank slate, backyard concrete patio ideas run the gamut. You can, however, tune into some design elements to create a stunning outdoor space. Designer Claire Ownby of Ownby Design in Scottsdale, Arizona, starts by anchoring the seating areas with oversized outdoor rugs that have texture or pattern. She then layers the space with planters and natural greenery to break up large areas of concrete. Lighting is another trick to soften this otherwise cold element. “Add large landscape lanterns or in-floor lights for a dramatic glow,” Ownby recommends.

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