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Archaeologists have unearthed 1000’s of pits under Stonehenge which might be believed to have been utilized by prehistoric hunters.

Some of the pits are over 10,000 years previous. One was 13 toes huge and 6.5 toes deep, making it the biggest of its sort in northwest Europe, University of Birmingham and Ghent University researchers mentioned.

The whole web site dates from between 8200 BCE and 7800 BCE, revealing a few of the earliest exercise of hunter-gatherers round Stonehenge within the pit from the Mesolithic interval, which adopted the final Ice Age. At the time of the digging of the biggest identified pit, the famously enigmatic stone circle had but to be erected.

To find the buried web site, researchers used a way often called electromagnetic induction survey, which makes use of {the electrical} conductivity of soil to evaluate knowledge.

The discovery was made utilizing a mix of conventional archaeological strategies and newer applied sciences. An electromagnetic induction survey, which transmits an electrical present by the earth to evaluate info beneath the soil, was carried out within the course of. This was the primary complete electromagnetic induction survey undertaken at Stonehenge.

Paul Garwood, senior lecturer in prehistory on the University of Birmingham, instructed the BBC that the pits that had been found have been “not a snapshot of one moment in time.”

“The traces we see in our data span millennia, as indicated by the 7,000-year timeframe between the oldest and most recent prehistoric pits we’ve excavated,” he mentioned. “From early hunter-gatherers to later Bronze Age inhabitants of farms and field systems, the archaeology we’re detecting is the result of the complex and ever-changing occupation of the landscape.”

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