10 Best Bathroom Storage & Organisation Ideas Of 2022

No matter the size or state of your bathroom, a few simple purchases can help you maximise storage space.

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When I first moved into my apartment, I neatly stacked a curated collection of toiletries into my side of the medicine cabinet, onto the shower caddy and under the sink where I could easily find them.

Flash forward a few months and things have turned chaotic.

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Bottle after bottle of impulse-purchased product teeters on the cabinet shelves, three different types of shampoo are clogging up the caddy, and under the sink is a random assortment of cleaning products, refills and a hastily stashed hairdryer.

If you’re reading this and finding yourself in a similar state of bathroom disorder, don’t stress – there are solutions to make life easier.


No matter the size or state of your bathroom, a few simple purchases can help you maximise storage space, minimise mess and maintain tidiness for longer. I’ve done the research and found the ways to solve my bathroom woes, and yours too – read on for the details.

madesmart Large 2-Tier Organizer with Dividers, Amazon Australia, $41

Instead of leaving that space underneath your sink to be a total mess of assorted toiletries and cleaning products (ahem, guilty), invest in a few of these storage baskets. They come with two removable bins that slide in and out and have dividers you can label with a whiteboard marker for optimal organisation.

Over 17,600 reviewers have awarded it five stars, with one writing, “This product is exactly what I had been looking for to tidy the cupboard under the sink. I am very happy with the size and ease of assembly”.


Tooletries Get Organised Shower Bundle, THE ICONIC, $88.95

If your showerhead isn’t suited to having something hang off it, this silicone shower bundle is a good solution. Made by Brisbane-based, family-owned brand Tooletries, it comes with a toothbrush and shaver holder, an anti-fog shower mirror, and a 100 per cent antibacterial silicone body scrubber too.

Free from suction cups or adhesives, it simply sticks right on to glass, shiny tiles or marble, and a range of other shower surfaces. Genius.


Couchmate Bamboo Bath Caddy Shelf, Myer, $71.95 (RRP$79.95)

It’s not exactly optimal for hidden storage, but this extendible bath caddy shelf will certainly come in handy if you have a tub. Non-slip rubber stoppers prevent it from slipping around, so you can rest whatever you like on top without fear of it falling into the water. There’s a bookrest, a recessed bottle, candle or glass holder, and most importantly, a wine glass slot so you can achieve a state of total bathtime Zen.

It has a 4.8-star average rating, with one reviewer leaving five stars and commenting, “There are lots of cheap versions of this out there on the net, and so I was little concerned that it might be [flimsy] and made from really cheap materials. Thankfully, this is very well made, sturdy, and easy to use in the bath”.


Habitat Casa Shower Caddy, Pillow Talk, $19.95 (RRP $29.95)

Keep your shampoos, conditioners and the like off the floor of the shower and easily accessible with this stylish shower caddy.

Crafted from durable bamboo and steel, it has two shelves to hold all your things and can easily hang off your showerhead.


JackCubeDesign Hair Dryer Holder, Amazon Australia, from $72.45

This hair dryer holder has four compartments to organise your hair tools and styling products, and the faux leather finish will look luxurious on the counter. You can even pop a powerboard into the front compartment to keep cords tidy.

The organiser has a 4.8-star average rating from over 1,500 reviews, with one reviewer commenting, “Love it! Fits my straightener, curler and hair dryer with an extra compartment at the front for brush/hairspray etc. The tools safely heat up and it allows me to do my makeup etc without having to balance my hair tools on a table as they heat up which inevitably ends up on the floor, in my lap or burning my table”.


Fazeek Wave Soap Dish in White, THE ICONIC, $45

A soap dish ensures your sink and vanity aren’t soaked in suds, and one like this from Melbourne brand Fazeek can also add a little personality to your bathroom. Made from durable and easy-to-clean resin, it’s both beautiful and functional as it lets the water run off your soap so each bar lasts longer.

It’s also available in dusty pink and black.


Home Republic Devon White Bathroom Accessories, Adairs, from $19.99

Each piece of this matching set of bathroom accessories is sold separately, so you can choose only what you need – but we recommend the full kit of soap dish, soap dispenser, toothbrush holder, tray and toilet brush holder for a put-together look. Made of resin and timber for a chic Scandi vibe, they’ll help you keep things looking tidy and organised.

“Love this product! Looks amazing in my bathroom and the quality is A+” wrote a five-star reviewer.


Metal Bathroom Storage Ladder in White, Amazon Australia, $83.09

A storage ladder optimises vertical space while taking up minimal floor space, making it an ideal solution for hanging items like bath and hand towels. This one features a minimalist, Scandi-inspired design and is super simple to prop up against the wall.

Five-star reviewers have described it as being “very sturdy and solid”, “great value for money” and “well worth the purchase”.


3 Tier Rolling Storage Cart, Amazon Australia, $37.62

If your bathroom is short on cabinet or drawer space for you to organise your things, this storage cart is an excellent solution. The open shelves will keep all your toiletries neat yet easily accessible, and the castor wheels mean you can move it around to wherever it’s most useful, and then tuck it away when you need.


AOJEZOR Toilet Roll Holder, Amazon Australia, $45.88

This clever organiser is a toilet roll holder, cabinet, and plant stand all in one. The top compartment is where you can store and dispense toilet paper, and the slim cabinet underneath has two levels for storing cleaning products, extra TP, or anything else you need hidden away. The top shelf is a perfect spot for a little plant to brighten up your bathroom – or a candle, your choice.

One of many five-star reviewers called it “compact and well-designed,” adding: “So easy to put together. Only 15 cm wide so perfect for a little bathroom to fit beside loo. Clear instructions. Pleasantly surprised”.



Adapt your storage habits to your space, and use nifty products to maximise storage and maintain tidiness with ease. If you have a lot of sinktop space, use a tray or organiser to contain frequently used products like soap, skincare, toothbrushes and toothpaste.

If you have a medicine cabinet or under-sink storage, you can store away less-frequently used products (or ones that don’t look as pretty on the vanity!). An organiser can help you to keep things neat.

In the shower, don’t just leave your products scattered on the floor – keep them within arm’s reach in a hanging caddy or stick-on wall organiser.


If you don’t have much in the way of storage space already built-in, you can buy a narrow cabinet or trolley to store your toiletries.

Storage ladders are a current trend that’s super functional for small spaces, as they optimise vertical storage space so you have somewhere to hang extra hand and bath towels.

If you have a tub, a bath caddy can also add a little display storage space for plants, candles and other decor.


At the end of the day, there’s no rules here – but your under-sink space can be used to store bathroom cleaning products, hair styling tools, toiletries and more. To make the most of the space, use tiered storage baskets that allow you to keep things tidy and neat.

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